2021 Year-End Fundraiser

PHASE 1 CONSOLIDATION – Medical Madness is over.             The Outpatient Clinic is OPEN!

GOAL: $80,000.00 CAD – WATER SUPPLY and …

       Jan-Mar Operating. Vehicle. Lab/Tech Equipment.


And there is much more to come …

PHASE 2 will begin sometime in 2022 – RCH CLINIC (Prenatal, Immunizations, Family Planning)
We will also add an administration block and staff/volunteer quarters.

PHASE 3 will follow, perhaps in 2023 – MATERNITY CENTRE with 30 beds and an operating room

Note: We are working on our Regular and Planned Giving Program in early 2022, towards a sustainable future for Dashir-Kikwe Health Centre. Kindly consider taking part in this.

We are a registered charity in Canada

Live Build #40 – Open!!! Water Supply Fundraiser

Medical Staffers Show Off Their Rooms

Over 350 homes and businesses have donated to the venture. Our goal is 1000. Please join us!

Dashir Live

Join us every Thursday at 7:30 a.m. Central