Together in Health and HOPE!

The incredible journey of Dashir-Kikwe Health Centre has truly been a miracle. At a time when our global community faced unprecedented challenges in the wake of a pandemic, a seed was planted for an extraordinary initiative – a project that would transcend geographical and cultural barriers to give birth to a special and unique community that is one in heart and mission.

The Outpatient Clinic was built by many hands in Tanzania, together with support from around the world. It proudly provides vital services, now including the RCH Safe Motherhood-Child Program*, to the people of the Kikwe community. (*Reproductive and Child Health: pre/post-natal, child vaccines, and family planning)

We are grateful for the ongoing encouragement, prayers, and generosity, which have been a tremendous blessing in bringing this dream to fruition. Asante Sana! Thank you!

We have Charity Status in Canada

EXPANDING HOPE! 2023-24 Goal: coming soon

Amount Raised: to come. Asante sana! Thank you!

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Thank you for your support of Dashir-Kikwe Health Centre. Welcome to our global Circle of Health and Hope.

We have Charity Status in Canada and will issue a tax receipt for Canadian donations (minimum of $25). See us on the CRA website.

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With a volunteer board and minimal overhead in Canada, virtually your entire donation will be sent to Tanzania in support of our brothers and sisters in the Dashir community of Kikwe.