Medical Madness: Part II

The Games Continue!


Target: Open the Outpatient Day Centre in September 2021

  • $120,000 CAD goal – June to August 2021

On the way to partner with 1000 homes and businesses

325 homes and businesses so far, and counting! Updated June 9th

Money required to complete:


Water & Electricity
Roads & Security


Ceilings & Floors
Fixtures & Fittings


Furniture & Equipment
Medicine & Supplies

314 homes joined us in Medical Madness Part I, raising $100,000 in March to May. Thanks for all those who supported to “raise the barn” – build the foundation, walls, and roof of the Outpatient Centre!

In Part II, we continue to ask more homes to join us, with an additional focus on businesses partnering with Dashir-Kikwe Health Centre. Please help us spread the word.

Are you a business owner? Darryl & Shirley invite a conversation to discuss how you can make a positive impact through Dashir-Kikwe Health Centre, both now and in the future.

Even though our charity status in Canada is still pending (we hope soon), we feel an urgency to open the day centre as soon as possible, delivering much needed health services to our Kikwe Community.

Progress Chart

Build Together

Join us live for the next Thursday Build Together Event. 9:30 a.m. CT

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“March Madness” is the term used to describe the excitement of many people, regarding the annual NCAA college men’s basketball tournament.

Our goal is to create excitement with many people, regarding the building and impact of Dashir-Kikwe Health Centre.