Who We Are

Dashir Community Projects International Tanzania (DCPI TZ or Dashir Cares TZ) is a registered non-profit founded in 2020 by Darryl & Shirley, with their dear Tanzanian “brother” Elisante Kipuyo. Together, these three provide leadership for the non-profit in Tanzania. Their goal is to build and operate a health centre and community centre next to Dashir Lodge & Safaris (DLS).

Dashir Community Projects International Canada (DCPI CA or Dashir Cares CA) is a registered nonprofit founded in 2020 by Darryl & Shirley, with three Dashir alumni couples from Canada. These four couples advise DCPI CA, as well as provide guidance and support for DCPI TZ.

Darryl & Shirley Peters with Elisante Kipuyo

Dennis & Brenda Dyck
Dashir 2014 and 2019

Wes & Esther Friesen
Dashir 2018

Dave & Olwyn Lewis
Dashir 2020

Dashir Health Centre is a private nonprofit enterprise of Dashir Cares, supervised by DCPI TZ, supported by DCPI CA, and registered with the government of Tanzania.

Learn more about our plan to get the Outpatient Centre up and running in 2021.

Community Involvement

We will consult closely with our Kikwe village community, as well as local medical professionals and our Kikwe missionary friends.


In 2010, Darryl and Shirley sold everything but their three kids and moved to Tanzania. It was in the prenups, but that’s another story! With the support of the Kikwe community, they built a beautiful lodge on 30 acres of virgin land. A safaris business was added in due time. And most importantly, Darryl & Shirley created a team of workers to be part of their Dashir Family.

In May 2020, Darryl and Shirley reached out to three couples (pictured above) for much needed advice and help to navigate their business Dashir Lodge & Safaris (DLS) through the immense challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The newly formed “Think Tank Team” or “T3” put the needs of the Dashir staff first. They held a virtual Zoom staff fundraiser for Dashir friends and alumni in June 2020. The event was a great success, and raised enough money for all 31 Dashir workers to continue to receive an income till the end of the year.

At the same time in June, with hints that the pandemic tourism challenge could last well into 2021, T3 saw a unique opportunity: Darryl & Shirley’s vision of building and operating a much needed healthcare facility in their community. In conversations with other Dashir alumni, one couple made a surprise donation to help purchase 8 acres of land right beside the lodge. This got the wheels turning with a plan to start two Dashir Cares non-profits, one in Canada and one in Tanzania, hold another fundraiser, and build the first phase of Dashir Health Centre in 2021. And here we are!