Last year, many of you joined us in our Raising HOPE! Campaign. Through generous donations, we raised CAD $120,000! We are grateful for each and every contribution, whether big or small.

As a result, Dashir-Kikwe Health Centre was able to add to its services and enhance the health of community members. Essential lab equipment and an ambulance were purchased, water security and grid electricity were made possible.

Also, the crucial Reproductive Child Health (RCH) Program was established. Because of YOU, the women of Kikwe now have access to pre and post natal visits, family planning resources, and their children are receiving their childhood immunizations.

Will YOU help continue the transformative work that has begun? Will you partner with us once again?

Join us now in Expanding HOPE! as we fill the gap with vital primary healthcare services in our Kikwe community:


+ Ultrasound and Deliveries

+ Dental and Optical

+ Community-based Education

     EXPANDING HOPE! in Kikwe, Tanzania   

    Goal: CAD $200,000

    We made it! Asante sana. Many thanks.

    We are a registered charity in Canada.

    Dashir-Kikwe Short Stories

    Frida – Delivery

    Frida came to us far into her labour, and it was too late to send her to another facility. Fortunately, this was her fourth child and the emergency delivery proceeded quickly without any issues. A beautiful baby boy was born. Frida’s husband joined her soon after, and it was high fives all around – our first delivery at Dashir-Kikwe Health Centre!

    Lincoln – Oxygen

    Lincoln, a young boy who lives with his grandmother, was brought in after suffering a serious convulsion. He was unconscious and his oxygen saturation was dangerously low. Fortunately, we were able to stabilize  and rush him to another facility where he could be treated with oxygen and a suction machine – items we will add soon. (picture not Lincoln)

    Elizabeth – Ultrasound

    Elizabeth came in bleeding badly, unsure if she was pregnant. She tested positive in a urinary pregnancy test. In order to prescribe treatment, she needed an ultrasound to confirm this (fear of a false positive due to her history). The medical staff stabilized her, and we drove her to another facility to receive the necessary ultrasound diagnosis. (picture not Elizabeth)

    Elinisafi – Dental

    At a recent morning circle, Elinisafi, our builder and faithful water pipeline supervisor, shared about having a bad toothache and wishing Dashir-Kikwe had dental services. Sadly, most people cannot afford fillings or trust the service at other facilities, so they wait until the pain is enough to force them to pull the tooth – a simple, economical procedure. We look forward to rewriting that storyline in 2024.

    Hawa – Biochemistry

    Hawa, a young mother, came in with severe joint pain on her right knee, with swelling, redness, and inability to walk. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a biochemistry machine, so we gave her a referral to perform the test at another facility. (picture not Hawa)

    Expanding Hope! Initiatives

    Facility Expansion

    Add more rooms at the back of the Outpatient Clinic, including a private maternity area.


    Enhance pre/post-natal services with  Ultrasound and Biochemistry machines.


    Offer this vital service now, even as we make plans for the future Maternity Centre.

    Dental & Optical

    Outfit two rooms in the outpatient clinic for these important services.

    Community-based Education

    Create a tented-canopy outdoor area for group seminars and special clinics.


    Provide specialists and staff to operate the clinic, including these expanded services.

    Maternity and Ultrasound

    Dental and Optical

    Community-based Education

    Outreach Mobile Clinics

     EXPANDING HOPE! in Kikwe, Tanzania   

    Goal: CAD $200,000

    We made it! Asante sana. Many thanks.

    We are a registerd charity in Canada.

    Video Tours

    Outpatient Clinic Tour

    Enjoy a guided tour through the “COVID-Miracle” clinic – unrehearsed and one take! 🙂

    Health Centre Site Tour

    Darryl does a morning walk around and Shirley joins in the evening futuristic finale!

    Asante sana! Thanks so much to all of our supporters, both new and old, as we work together for health and hope in our Kikwe community.

    Darryl & Shirley, Elisante, and all of us at Dashir Cares


    Final Thanks

    Our hearts continue to overflow with gratitude. What an amazing journey together!

    Dashir-Kikwe Chat – 18 min Uncut

    Filmed on Nov 21, enjoy this full version, unedited chat where we reminisce and vision at Dashir-Kikwe.